BBAA Member Benefits

BBAA Website

Each BBAA Member B & B is included on our database driven BBAA Website: Each webpage & city name are individually marketed. Guests can search for your B & B either by name or location. There is a separate webpage for any of our Member B & B’s that may be For Sale and would like to list on the BBAA Website.

BBAA Brochure

Each Member B & B is listed in our yearly Brochure. New Members need to have their Application for Membership process started by August 1 to be considered for inclusion in next Brochure. Each Member receives Brochures to be displayed at their B & B and to pass out to local Chambers, etc. Brochures are mailed to those requesting them from the BBAA Website. The Alabama Tourism Department (1-800-ALABAMA) distributes our Brochures, for display & distribution to prospective guests, at all 8 Alabama Welcome Centers and also forwards BBAA Brochures upon request.

Association Meetings & Conference

Board Meetings are scheduled quarterly by the President. Annual meetings are usually held in January. Roundtables and open sessions provide opportunities for networking. Featured are special speakers such as travel writers and industry experts along with vendors of products and services.

Standards Program

BBAA has established high standards for membership. The Association requires membership to adhere to these standards. The Program is implemented by making it a part of the initial property inspection prior to membership and re-inspection every two years for membership. The BBAA designation and high standards are synonymous throughout the industry.

Mentor Program

Mentors are available for members. Your participation is important. Join hands with the Alabama Association of Bed and Breakfast owners who network together. Will you join us?