Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the inspection program work?

A: The purpose of the BBAA Standards is to ensure Alabama bed and breakfast guests a quality experience when visiting any member inn. The Quality Standards Review is structured to help participating inns provide a comfortable and secure environment, and assure a consistent quality standard B&B goers can rely on when choosing a bed and breakfast in the State of Alabama. A standards review is mandatory for all members of the Bed & Breakfast Association of Alabama.

Inspections are performed on new member properties prior to approval, and every two years for member properties. Inspectors are third party professionals in the hospitality industry and are trained, in accordance with these guidelines, by the Standards Review Chairperson. The inspector is responsible to the BBAA Board as a whole and not to any one person or member. It is the responsibility of the Board to pass or fail any member property based on the objective and unbiased summary prepared by the inspector.

Local and state Health Code and Building Regulations supersede any and all of the following criteria. Some Historical Properties may be exempt from certain criteria based on local ordinances. Check with your local officials and be prepared to show proof of exemption to inspector. Additional information concerning inspections and standards can be found here.

Q: How do I reach the BBAA office?

A: You can contact the BBAA:

Mailing address:
PO Box 707
Montgomery, AL 36101

Q: Who are the BBAA Board members?

A: The current BBAA Board information can be found here.

Q: Who are the Associate Members? How can they help me?

A: Rather than inn owners and innkeepers, Associate Members are individuals or companies that show their support of BBAA through membership. These dues paying members are entitled to all the privileges of the Association except voting and receive all copies of newsletters and general correspondence. Our list of Associate Members can be found here. We ask that members consider their Associate Members first in making any purchasing decisions.

Q: What are the BBAA Quality Standards?

A: You can view the standards here.

Q: How do I know when my inn will be inspected?

A: After approval of membership, members will be inspected every two years. A member inn will be contacted by an outside inspector when it is time for re-inspection.

Q: Who are the District Directors & what is their function?

A: District Directors are liaisons between members and the Board. Please attend quarterly board meetings to find out what is happening in the BBAA and to share your ideas and time for a better BBAA. District Directors are members of the Board of Directors and their names can be found here.