Cozyno Casino: Have Wonderful Gaming Sessions

Cozyno Casino only accepts a handful of payment methods for international players of all kinds, and the options available to make withdrawals are even smaller. Direct bank transfers and electronic transfers are not permitted, and most prepaid debit cards issued by financial institutions are also prohibited. However, for the few methods that are accepted, players can take advantage of exclusive deposit bonuses and almost instantaneous transaction speeds.

Currently, there are only two major credit cards accepted on Cozyno. Visa and MasterCard cards are theoretically allowed for deposits and come with a 10% deposit bonus. However, many of the financial institutions that provide these cards do not allow direct transactions with online casinos. This is why players must ensure that their financial institution allows such transactions before using their card.

Transactions at Cozyno Casino

Cozyno Casino also accepts deposits and withdrawals from a single electronic holding company, namely Neteller. Neteller is a leading international company that allows players to deposit money into electronic accounts. These accounts can then be used to make payments on online shops and to make deposits in online casino accounts. Customers can even withdraw money from ATMs using their Neteller accounts. Players who choose to use Neteller for their deposit method will also be able to take advantage of a 10% bonus on each deposit they make.

Other Important Aspects of Cozyno Casino

To avoid fraudulent transactions and protect players from theft, the casino requires that each of the payment methods it accepts be registered and verified with the casino before use. In addition, the casino reserves the right to request identity checks of players before releasing funds for withdrawals. Players will generally have to sign an authorization form and submit copies of their ID cards, invoices and credit cards they used while playing at Cozyno Casino. The absence of these documents could delay or prevent the withdrawal of all winnings accumulated at Cozyno Casino.

A great way for players to evaluate online casinos is to base themselves on the payout rates of the winnings they offer. Indeed, high or low rates may be sufficient information to allow a player to know whether he is likely to leave the casino with more money than he has invested, or if the casino will just strip him. On Cozyno, players can find all this information about the casino in general, the precise rates of the games and the player’s own performance.

Learn more about earnings payout rates on Cozyno

The payout rate tells players the exact amount of money the casino gives in the form of prizes, jackpots and winnings. Indeed, for every dollar that is played at the casino, a percentage of this amount is returned to the players. This is called the casino payout rate. Online casinos are required to publish this information annually, and many are required to have these figures verified by independent auditing bodies and regional licensing bodies. Casino Français helps players better understand these figures, to choose the best casinos offering the best rates.

Rates offered on each Cozyno game

Players can also find information about each game. However, most of these figures are not published in casino reports, because most casinos have more than 100 games. Sorting this whole range of games to find a unique payout rate for each particular game would indeed be a waste of time. Players can, however, request this information from the casino itself or from the agency that issued the license to the casino. Both parties are required by law to provide accurate information. Players can therefore be sure that they will receive the right answers.

Optimal rate of earnings redistribution

For the most part, players want rates in excess of at least 90%. This means that for every dollar the casino takes, it must pay more than 90% to the players. The best payout rates, however, are those around 95%. Several online casinos pay between 96% and 97%, this is the Casino of Cozyno Casino. Some even go up to 98.5%. Players should keep in mind, however, that these rates are general rates. Much of the winnings can include huge jackpots instead of small salaries.